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Residential Design

Our company is built around making a house into a home. It is our passion and we want to help you make your house in the home of your dreams. 

Our Team


Alice Davenport

Alice brings a smile to everyones face and has a special skill in listening to clients and understanding their needs. Alice brings such heart and spirit to the team and continually reminds us that the clients wishes and happiness is the most important thing to us. She brings joy to the team and the business!


Sarah Davenport

Sarah inherited the design eye directly from Jennifer, She has been at Jennifers side since the beginning and is one of the best at seeing the big picture. Sarah is the heart and sole of our entire YouTube Channel and our online presence. 

Kayla Compton

Kayla is the brains and organizer of our group. She holds us together and keep us accountable to our schedules and goals. She plans and organizes our video and social media schedules along with clients. I don't know where I would be without her!


Cole Williams

Cole is vital to JDs store as a key member that keeps everything in its place and maintains all of our inventory. Cole supervises our store and keeps it in tip top shape along with continually pushing our social media post! She is key to the growth of JDs.

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Jennifer is by far the best interior designer I have worked with. She really listened during our consult and delivered exactly what I had imagined and then some...It was so beautiful I actually cried when I saw the finished product!
I had her come back and do my kitchen remodel, my living and dining room, and my kid’s bedrooms.

My house looked like something from Southern Living!....
You will never regret hiring Jennifer. She is one great designer and has great customer service!!!!

– Leslie Zimprich

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At JD's, we are here to help you with all your design needs. We go above and beyond to help create the design of your dreams.  Because we believe it is all about - 

"Making a house a home"