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My passion for making a home beautiful has been with me from my very earliest memories of life. Growing up, I watched my mother create our lovely home with little or no money. I learned at a young age the importance of what it means to be a homemaker, and it became a cornerstone of who I am.  

In 2006, I created my own interior design business, JD Designs, and over the years, I have established relationships with some of the best manufacturers and distributors in the home decor business. I have also discovered some fantastic local artisans around middle Tennessee! So when we decided to open a shop of our own I was so thrilled to use those channels to bring an upscale home décor boutique to Murfreesboro! 

Our tagline at JD’s is “All About Home.”  Even though beautiful furniture and stylish décor are major pieces of the design puzzle, I believe the real magic to creating beauty in a home comes from the influences of color and lighting, scale and spacing, and even engaging other senses using texture and aroma. At JD’s we try to give special attention to all these areas! 




Store Manager 


Alice has been with us since the very beginning! She has a bubbly personality that makes customers feel right at home when they come in the door. Not only will you find her out on our sales floor, but you'll also catch her managing our team with love and grace. She motivates and trains our team to ensure that we give the best quality customer service here at JD's!





Kayla has been with our team since 2018. In those days, you would find her on the sales floor helping customers create many custom looks. But after working with Jennifer closely for a couple of years helping her design for clients, she joined our design team! She's been tackling customers' houses to help them create a space that they feel comfortable enough to call home. 



Merchandising / Marketing Manager / Floral Specialist

Jena joined our team right at the height of COVID. And boy, did we need her help - and her energy! She brings a ball of fun and light to our team while helping to improve the customer experience through merchandising our store. If she's not rearranging furniture, she is creating stunning custom florals and wreaths.  You also may catch her snapping pictures or filming reels to create a marketing platform that is tailored to our customers.



Youtube Videographer and Producer / Social Media


Sarah is the heart and soul behind Jennifer's YouTube channel! She has been helping Jennifer create and edit YouTube videos since "Jennifer Decorates" made its debut. Sarah has such a creative mind, that she is instrumental in coming up with video ideas, collaborations and editing styles that have made the "Jennifer Decorates" YouTube channel what it is today. We couldn't produce the quality of films that we put out if it wasn't for her! 



Sales Associate


Cole is one of the first employees to join the  JD’s team! She has been with us since we were a tiny boutique throughout our growth and expansion. We love having Cole on staff for so many reasons including her incredible ability to design upholstered furniture with a true southern classic style. She is also wonderful at keeping us organized!  When she's not helping customers find the perfect piece for their space, or designing custom furniture, she is tidying the stock room or organizing our sales floor.




Vickie has such a vivacious energy that she brings to the team along with years of design experience that make her recommendations top notch. Our clients already love working with her and the warmth she brings to every consultation. She has such a special way of making each client feel listened to and special. We're thankful to have her join our team!




Sales Associate

Jenny recently joined our team in August of 2022. She works with our team part time, but leaves a big impression when she is here. Welcoming customers with a big smile and the friendliest greeting, she helps you make every little space come together. We are so glad to have her join us!



Inventory Specialist


Juan is crucial to the logistics of our company! He ensures that our product is received and organized in our stockroom as well as getting out our new items onto the sales floor. He is also the muscle behind our white glove deliveries helping customers get their purchases safely and securely. We can always count on Juan for two things: 1) He always keeps us laughing and 2) helps us round up our takeout orders so we can all have lunch together!




Scott is who we call “the big boss” and leads our team with guidance. He is Jennifer’s husband and the brains of our operation. We truly couldn’t run JD’s without him. He manages the business side, all the construction, heavy lifting, team meetings, and more! He is the second set of strong arms in our amazing white glove delivery team and we can always count on Scott to suggest Mexican for lunch! 

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