JD's Design Process



Making a House a Home, since 2016

I am so excited that you are here and look forward to working with you throughout this process. Design is my area of expertise and I have an awesome team of designers here to serve you throughout this process. So relax and kick back while we get to work for you! 

Below is a list of the next three steps in your design process. I really look forward to meeting you and working with you! 

Welcome to the JD's Design Team! 

Jennifer Davenport

~The next steps~

DSM02959 2.jpg

Step 1:

Step one is to fill out the design client form (which you have already done!). Within 3 business days we will be reaching out to you to schedule your in home consultation.

Step 2:

We will come see your space, take photos, measurements and take notes of your design ideas, requirements and timelines. 


Step 3: 

You will recieve 2 'mood boards' which are visual documents showing which products we suggest in each area along with pricing and any additional information needed. These mood boards will provide you a VISUAL design plan for us going forward.