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The Beauty of Simplicity


Surrounding yourself with art you love is another important layer of creating a home.  I tell clients all the time that if possible, every aspect of your home design should bring happiness and comfort.  And, art is no exception.  These beautiful floral sketches have an elegance that sets them apart.  They work seamlessly with several different design styles. 

I have used them in several of my designs.  If you have a room where you want to keep patterns and colors at a minimum, these are a perfect choice.  These sketches are timeless.  

Have you ever notice large artwork that is sophisticated and tasteful can be rather expensive?  These sketches measure 28" wide by 32" tall and are $240 for the set.  The frames have a soft champagne finish. 


So, if you are interested in knowing one of my top favorite picks in artwork - these beautiful floral sketches would be at the top!

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