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Window Treatments


Easiest Way to Transform Your Space

Window treatments are one of the most powerful ways to transform a room!  Many times when I am visiting a client’s home, their decor and furniture are on the lower half of the room.  Window treatments, especially drapery panels, when hung high on the wall, bring the eye up and complete the design of the entire space.


Drapery panels add softness to a room, mute echos from hardwood floors, and create a warm and cozy feel.


Our custom drapery panels are made with the highest quality fabrics and lining.  The lining adds fullness to the panels and helps protect them from UV rays.


The next question you may be asking is whether you need to purchase single-width or double-width panels.  Let me explain a little about them.  Single-width panels when finished are 23” wide.  They have 5 pleats, and need 5 drapery rings.  If you have a smaller window that is under 36”, you can choose single-width panels, and they will close on your window.


Single-width panels are great to use as stationary panels.  If you don’t need privacy, or if you already have blinds, single-width panels are perfect!  You can use them on small windows, or medium size windows.


If you have a larger window that is over 72",  you really want the drapes to look fuller. Choosing double-width panels is a perfect choice.  Each panel is 43” wide and has 10 pleats, so you would need 10 drapery rings for each panel.  I love the look of a fuller drapery panel on larger windows.


Our quick ship drapery panels are sold by the PAIR and are fully lined with three-finger pleats.  They come in 7 different colors, 2 widths, and 6 different lengths.


If you have any questions about size, color, or length, just give us a call!  We will help you choose the correct drapery panels!  We can also send samples of the fabrics if you are still not 100% sure about what choice is the best.




White Brick Wall
IMG_4969 2.jpg

These are some of my favorite drapery panels!  The fabric is a beautiful toile.  They are timeless and add just enough pattern to a room without being overwhelming.  


Quick Ship Panels

2-3 Week Delivery Time

farmhouse-bedroom 2.jpg

One of My Favorites!

My Master Bedroom
IMG_2784 2.jpg
Fairwood _ Mist (1).jpg

So, if you are confused about what is the right drapery choice for your room, or what length you need, don't worry!  We will help you!   At JD's, I have a fully qualified staff that will chat with you and answer any questions you may have!

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